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Asset Data Capture with LiDAR

All XAIS iV survey vehicles are fitted with advanced LiDAR scanners which automatically record and collect the data required to build an accurate point cloud representation of the entire asset infrastructure network and its surrounds.

This point cloud data presents almost limitless possibilities and is ultimately able to provide authorities with a comprehensive 3D mapping view of their entire infrastructure network.

The point cloud data can then be processed through our cutting-edge algorithms to identify and record highly accurate measurements for bridge heights, clearance profiles, location coordinates and geometry of road signs and roadside objects, safety barriers (VRS), embankments, drainage, visibility analysis and more.

Utilising the LiDAR outputs from our XAIS iV surveys provides a hugely cost-effective method for identifying and updating asset inventory on the network and is capable of capturing additional asset data not readily available through a manual survey.

For more information about how you can use XAIS Infrastructure Vision (XAIS iV) to enhance your digital asset management capability please contact info@xais.co.uk