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360 HD Images & AI Defect Detection

XAIS are able to offer the latest in high-tech 360-degree HD image surveys with carriageway defects extracted automatically using advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

The AI machine-learning algorithms that are applied to the imagery have been trained across more than 150,000 km of image data and produce unrivalled accuracy in the detection, measurement, and locational referencing of carriageway defects.

As financial pressures continue to mount on authorities and organisations, our advanced AI survey offers a cost-effective and dependable solution for collecting, storing, and analysing the condition of your infrastructure assets.

Using a vehicle-mounted GNSS/INS system, 360° panoramic camera and LiDAR scanner, XAIS can capture visual infrastructure assets and condition data in unprecedented detail.

As the vehicle travels across the authority’s network, it continuously records high-definition panoramic imagery, orthophotos, GPS and LiDAR point cloud data allowing engineer site visits to be minimised.

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology is applied to detect, measure, and visualise surface defects on the network and the CVI-equivalent data is automatically uploaded into the authority’s XA© Asset Management System. This gives all users of the system an unparalleled overview of current stock and condition and unleashes the power of XA© to undertake the necessary analysis to optimise the management of their infrastructure assets.

For more information about how you can use XAIS Infrastructure Vision (XAIS iV) to enhance your digital asset management capability please contact info@xais.co.uk