XA© will change the way you view and manage assets
delivering value to your business at a lower cost.


XA© has been developed by XAIS to help asset owners manage their asset.  It is a business solution which meets the needs of Local Government Organisations and Agencies, delivering vital information in a format which is easily understood so that important decisions regarding service levels and delivery can be taken advantage of.  XA© has the ability to capture, manage, integrate and analyse all information in one place, XAIS believe that this alongside the geographical interface will change the way assets are viewed and managed.

Asset managers and service delivery managers alike need to improve efficiency and co-ordinate operations. XA© has the tools to share information delivering value to your business at a lower cost.

As an integrated solution XA© ensures that the best value is derived from the information available on every asset recorded in a practical and service orientated context. XA© will allow

  • Management of corporate goals
  • Management of service levels
  • Management of the Asset lifecycle
  • Store and manage ALL information
  • Work alongside existing systems
  • Audit performance
  • Condition projection
  • Works programming

XA© is a single solution which integrates all the assets you own and supports their complete lifecycle management.

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XA© supports the implementation and management of associated data required to manage an Asset through its life cycle.

One of the most significant values derived from having XA© is the management of all costs within the asset data life cycle, particularly data collection and management.

XA© also adds a tremendous amount of value in the analysis packages delivering excellent data utilisation. XA© can assist at all stages of the asset data life-cycle, from specifying appropriate data that has a real purpose in supporting asset management and decision-making, through to data management and utilisation, ensuring maximum value is extracted from your data.

XA© can guarantee that your data makes a real, positive contribution to the way you manage your highways assets.


The dashboards within XA© can be configured so that the appropriate information is available for the user to view.


The data loading and validation within XA© has exceptional error trapping ensuring the data loaded is correct and fit for purpose.


Data analysis within XA© enables the user to produce the following based on ANY condition data they may have on their asset.

  • Identifying Scheme Locations and Treatment Types
  • Scheme costs (budgeting)
  • Service Level delivery
  • Value Management, Economic Prioritisation & Whole Life Costing
  • Condition Projection
  • Creation of 1 year to 60 years forward works programme