We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been nominated for the Steve Berry Highways Authority Innovation Award at the 2021 Highways Awards – which will be held in London on Wednesday 20th October.

The nomination recognises our role in helping to establish The LASR Approach – a new methodology for prioritising Local Authority Skid Resistance which is being developed in collaboration with The Road Safety Trust, Derby City Council and Enodamus Ltd.

Currently, many authorities base their approach and skid resistance thresholds on those adopted for the Strategic Road Network. In the absence of other information, it is assumed that these values are applicable to local roads, despite the differences in road geometries, junction types, traffic speeds and traffic flow.

The models outlined in our latest report are based solely on local authority data. Using our XA© Asset Management system, the project team created a dataset including road attributes, skid resistance, collision history (injury collisions from STATS19) and traffic flow.

The new model can provide the basis to estimate the benefit of maintenance treatment to improve skid resistance, giving evidence for highway engineers to justify treatment and to aid in the prioritisation of maintenance funding.

The Highways Authority Innovation Award is named in honour and memory of the late Steve Berry OBE. It will be given to the entry that best demonstrates an approach and innovation that has allowed them to develop a project or scheme that delivers measurable and sustainable benefits to the community and the authority.

All qualities that made Mr Berry so admired across this industry.

Commenting on the news, James Wallis, Executive Director at XAIS, said: “This is very exciting for everyone in our collaboration and we’re proud to have been named as a 2021 finalist. If proven through trials, The LASR Approach will facilitate improved outcomes for local road users and tax payers by targeting the locations that deliver the greatest safety benefits from skid resistance treatments. We look forward to continuing our work and research into the LASR Approach as well as sharing a great night with the friends and colleagues from across the industry in October.