By transitioning to the XA© Asset Management System, the North East authority will gain deeper insight into its bridge stock and open up advanced planning capabilities that could save millions of pounds over a 30-year period.

A collaborative project – uniting Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, Capita and XAIS Asset Management – is transitioning the Council to a state-of-the-art digital asset management system.

This move will give the Council the ability to capture, manage, integrate and analyse all information about their 300+ bridge stock in one secure online platform.

Gathering the data

Having tailored the software setup to reflect the precise needs of Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, initial efforts focused on collecting new data on the entire bridge stock.

Every day, alongside their Capita counterparts, fully qualified XAIS bridge inspectors gathered data from across the region to build up a detailed bridge inventory.

At every specified location, the engineers used special 10-inch handheld devices to complete general inspections of the bridges. As they worked through the inspection process, the engineers completed checkboxes on the device to show exactly what has been assessed.

The device also gave them the ability to take lots of photographs – ensuring every defect and element under consideration has at least one photo allocated against it.

Crucially, the XA© Asset Management System allows engineers to collect validated data on the condition of every element of the bridge.

Data from each device is also seamlessly integrated into the XA© Asset Management System. Once uploaded to the platform it is accessible from anywhere at any time.

It’s an efficient, detailed and precise workflow that helped ensure all data was inputted onto the system within 8 weeks.

Clear and transparent

With data collection complete, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council now has a clear picture of the value and condition of their entire bridge stock.

Any team member can access the data from any location at any time and easily export it in a wide range of formats for reporting and other purposes.

Intelligent investment decisions

The next phase of the management programme involves the Council actioning any principal inspections required for high-risk bridges and then they can focus attention on delivering resilience and value in the years ahead.

With the help of XAIS Asset Management, this long-term lifecycle planning will involve using the new data to make strategic decisions and plan treatments to extend the life of the bridge stock in the most cost-effective way possible.

To do this the team will calculate Net Present Values (NPV) – which is the amount of money they would need now to deliver the proposed lifecycle plans. The plan with the lowest NPV is the most cost-efficient lifecycle for that asset type.

As Councils in England face budget cuts of up to 20%, the ability to identify the workstreams that represent the best value for money has never been more important.

A powerful collaboration

Commenting on the pioneering initiative, Luis Alpalhao, Transport and Highways Strategic Manager at Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, said: “As soon as we saw the XA© Asset Management System in action we recognised the huge potential to help us rethink bridge management. Our new strategy ensures the region will benefit from a well-managed, financially prudent approach that will keep our bridge stock in the best condition possible for many years to come.”

David Wall, Project Portfolio Director, NorthEast – Transportation, at Capita, added: “We already work alongside XAIS Asset Management in a number of other UK regions and have seen the positive impact their system and team have had when managing other types of asset. The opportunity to bring those benefits to Redcar & Cleveland made total sense and we’re delighted to play our part in making this project happen.”

James Wallis, Executive Director at XAIS Asset Management, concludes: “We’re proud to be working alongside both Capita and Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council on such a transformative project. With our help the Council team will have an intimate knowledge of their bridge stock, will be able to make best use of valuable funds and plan important remedial works with confidence. They can avoid any nasty surprises and look forward to keeping transport flowing and the local economy moving.”


For more information about how you can use the XA© Asset Management System to manage your bridge stock more effectively please contact