Ask yourself how many times have you procured a survey method on your highways and footways only to find the results do not reflect your network, even worse you still have to pull together a 3-5-year programme of schemes? We may have the answer for you right here.

What is the new AEI Survey – (Engineering) and what does AEI mean? AEI is an Annual Engineer’s Inspection (AEI) which is Engineer driven NOT surveyor. I hear you thinking, ‘what is new about this survey and how will this survey benefit me and my authority’? In a nutshell the AEI is treatment selection not raw defects; to be an AEI Engineer and carry out a survey on behalf of a highway authority, you need to have experience in treatments and materials. There is no processing of the AEI findings and the AEI is better for lifecycle analysis.

If you want to discuss the new AEI Survey in more detail or procure our Engineers to carry out an AEI survey of your network please contact Richard Edwards for a free/no obligation quotation on +44 (0) 7904 254967 or alternatively email

Here are a few examples which highlight the benefits of procuring the new AEI Survey.

Benefit no. 1 – the AEI Engineer selects treatment lengths – no processing through UKPMS

Benefit no. 2 – better understanding of lifecycles

Benefit no. 3 – locally defined treatments rather than typical UKPMS treatments