This contract involved the project management of all condition surveys undertaken on the LB Ealing’s highway network to process the data to deliver a forward works programme to be considered by members and supply general asset management support.  Over the four years of this contract we have incorporated:

  • realistic targets for Performance Indicators (Service Levels)
  • Incorporated robust auditing techniques and processes to ensure the data collected has been fit for purpose.

An example of this would be to get the surveyors to record when a road section had continuous parked cars along the roadside, thus dictating that a two-way street was performing like a one-way street. This helped in the processing of the data against the “Real” road width as opposed to the “Actual” road width which was watering down the effect of the defects.

Revised the survey processes to collect more informative data to help support the decision process.

Here we incorporated the collection of the section attributes for example, the collection of cycle lanes, indication of vulnerable users, shops, industry, surface course material.  Which all contributed to meeting the council’s corporate goals and objectives set out in their corporate plan

  • Achieved the performance level targets by prioritising and focussing on the areas of concern
  • Improved/maintained their service levels year on year
  • Consulted with the public and stakeholders
  • introduced Value Engineering
  • Ensured a high-quality service is delivered to the stakeholders

The inclusion of safety inspection defects within the process to improve the state of the network and take advantage of the monies being spent in reactive maintenance

The analysis of the processes in place highlighted a number of areas where improvement and efficiencies could have been made.  Following workshops with the staff the following documents were revised:

Winter Service plan – this saved a substantial amount of grit for each run as the gritting routes were revised due to the maintenance hierarchies

Highway Inspection Manual – Processes were defined more clearly helping the inspector to understand the requirements and service levels to be achieved, recording more information to help the contractor and make efficiencies with regards to the road working gangs

Tree pit maintenance – Trees in Ealing are important and a service level for their maintenance was required. Which in turn ensured that all tree pits were to have the same treatment around the Borough

Using our expertise and specialist asset management software has provided LB Ealing with a robust and transparent Asset Management process which has led to efficiencies and better understanding of the network performance.